How to live Stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube

Hey Guys, Hope Doing Great, So I’m Back with some new Ideas to save your time and earn some good Money. Now is the question rising how? also, Another one is it possible to earn money by just playing Android games or Pubg. Quite Interesting isn’t, that playing games are much interesting work and also making money from it but How?

Wasting time on Pubg!

I hope you may be addicted to a Pubg mobile Android game while playing this games for hours we are wasting our so much time on this android game or if you are a blogger or any job person then you may not able to work as a few days ago you can!  because from many people I heard  was saying a few days ago I can able to write 2 or 3 articles in a day and my website was even getting popular due to Daily update but now the situation is I m not able to write a single article because while playing Pubg continuously our mind is in work and when it comes for work we actually cant! so this is not only your issue many people suffering this issue…

why Pubg is Addiction Game?

From many Years 90’s kids were playing a game which has interesting missions  which can be remembered, but the Game Pubg does not have any predefined missions each time you play you have this game you have another real opponent from a new place each time to have new  weapons from new places so which is much interesting which turns us to play again & again.

How to optimize this Time?

We can suggest anyone that stop playing this game because this is the life which helps us to entertain yourself, but the reality is wasting time so what are the ways to optimize this time and earn some money from it. So there is some method from which we can use this time to earn money so which are they:-

  • Live stream on Youtube from Android Mobile

  • Playing Pubg Free tournaments

How to Live Stream Pubg From Mobile on Youtube?

So as we all know the streaming game from Pc is much expensive which everyone can’t also it can’t be Livestream from anywhere, We need a proper setup which cost you around almost Rs. 70,000 to 100,000

which can be affordable for everyone, but android mobile live streaming is possible with no budget also anywhere just need a good internet connection.

Steps to Live Stream on youtube From android Mobile

So here going to Explain How to live Stream Pubg or any Android game on youtube from your Mobile so here we go…

Step By Step Explained In Video!

Step 1:-  You need to Install Youtube Gaming App which Helps you to Stream your game on youtube.

Youtube Gaming Application on Playstore

Step 2:- Open Youtube Gaming App on Mobile and make sure you have linked your youtube channel from it. If you don’t know How to create a youtube channel we will explain it on another Article. Once you have linked let’s go to step 3…

Make sure you have connected your youtube channel from it.

Step 3:- Now time to start your live stream so as you can see on below image click on that icon

Click on the icon shown in the image

Step 4:-  Now select the quality you want to stream as per your internet connection

Select your Quality you want to Stream

Step 5:- Add stream Info title, Description, each information you want to let your users know…

Add details Title, Description


And then click on Start Now


Step 6:-  After Clicking on Start now you will see a option to select Application you want to stream

Select Application you want to stream…

Step 7:-   Now you are just near just click on tap to Stream

tap to stream

Step 8:- Also you can show you Face While Streaming this Game…

click on Video Icon to Start video cam

So here I have Shared you my info so that you can use your time and start you own Youtube gaming channel also you have many benefits with it not only monetization Money also you have donated Money, Sponsorship so Start today also If this article helps you please Share it with your Friends also please Comment if you have any issue Thanks…


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